Workshop HAFST

The Hellenic Association of Food Scientists & Technologists organizes a workshop, as part of Detrop – Oenos. The subject is:

“Food safety and innovation, challenges and perspectives in the new environment”


Faculty Subject
Mr. Smarnakis Ioannis, President of HAFST
Nikolaos Chatzilias, Food Engineer and Chemist - Chatzilia Food Innovation.
"New innovation channels in the management and exploitation of waste from food production units (upcycling), new needs, trends and specializations in the circular economy sector"
Chronis Efstathios, Military Veterinarian, Food Microbiologist.
"Impact of innovative product design in the food market"
Kallitsis Theodoros, Veterinarian - Food Technologist, M.Sc., Ph.D. Farm Director, American College of Agriculture
"Consumers' familiarity with a rapidly developing digital everyday life. Reason and opportunity for new approaches to food information (labelling)?"
Stathopoulos Athanasios, Educator, FSC Food Science and Technology, MSc/PhD candidate STS Food & Computing
“Food Culture: A Brief Introduction"
Eleni Kalogiannis, Associate Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology, International University of Greece
"Food and innovation in academia"
Kanavouras Antonios, Ph.D. Agronomist-Food Technologist, Packaging Engineer, team coach leader
"Innovations in research and product development"

You will have the opportunity of placing questions to the speakers at the end of their talks.

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