Identity of the exhibitions

Detrop and Oenos are both identified brand names with a timeless procession on food and beverage industry giving the chance to domestic and foreign producers to showcase their business profile in the international market and expand their export administration through a targeted trade contacts program.

The exhibition is enriched with informative and tasting side events with a variety of culinary eventsby the top professionals of the industry, showcasing the unique Mediterranean diet but also the latest methods in product production industry.

Detrop - Oenos 2023

As the pulse of the Greek food and beverage industry is returning to its normal rhythms, the exhibitions Detrop & Oenos 2023 will be an important meeting point for the domestic and international market of the sector.

Leading importers and professionals from various countries are expected to visit the exhibitions, while a number of parallel events, workshops and competitions will highlight the potential of Greek and not only products, hosting important actors and representatives of major brand names in the food sector.

The debut olive and olive oil tribute, Golden Olive Expo, the international awards for innovation and excellence Food Expert’s Awards and the International Olive and Olive Oil Competitions, Oil – Olive Trophy and Table Olives Trophy, will provide a dynamic renewal to the upcoming events of Detrop & Oenos.

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